Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Smith Garden has begun!

It’s that time again.  Time to get the garden in shape to begin planting. I can’t believe it is almost March.  And, where was our winter?  I am dreading the bugs!! 

Yesterday, we got it all plowed up.  Then, today Jeff ran the disc over it and we begun digging grass out.  You know, all the fun prep work!


It was the perfect morning to be out playing in the dirt. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some pictures of our little helper.









Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sold the Tahoe!

We have been trying to sell the Tahoe for a couple of weeks.  We put it on Craigslist and had several offers.  Most were not great ones.  One guy really wanted, said he was going to buy it.  Had a good offer.   Then, when Jeff told him to meet him at the police station to get the money/sale the car.  He never called back.  Hmm… 

Jeff is gone on a hunt this weekend but Hayden and I loaded up yesterday to go see what Carmax would offer.  We sold another one of our cars to them about 5 years ago.  Carmax ended up giving a pretty good offer.  I was quite surprised!  But, right after I left Carmax a good ole’ country boy from about 30 minute from our house called and was really interested.  So, Dad, Hayden, and I met him and his wife in town and they loved it.  They brought cash in hand and left with it!  Whoop!  I really liked them too.  I think we could be friends.  Isn’t hat weird how things happen? 

What is sad is they ended up following us back to our house so I could unload everything, etc.  When they left in the Tahoe, Hayden has thrown himself on the ground kicking and screaming.  Literally. He was so sad and couldn’t understand why they were taking our car.  Then, I told him we would get a new one, he couldn't stop worrying about when we would get a new one.  Bless his heart, he has a little anxiety.  I told him that a 2 year old shouldn’t spend so much time worrying about things like that. 

So, what are we going to do now?  We have the Jetta and Jeff’s truck.  So, we will drive those for now until we decide what we want to do.  I CAN’T decide!  I am pretty sure I want another SUV.  I really thought I wanted third row seats.  But, I really want something that gets decent gas mileage.  An affordable SUV, with three rows, and great gas mileage don’t always go hand in hand.  I really want  a white one.  I want this and that.  So, I guess I am picky and we will find just the right one. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Great day for a couple of reasons

Today has been a great day for a couple of reasons.  First, Mom got to come home.  Woohoo!!!!  And, she is getting to go to Dallas tomorrow to get her Sandostatin shot.  Another woohoo.  Well, not that she has to have it and that it hurts real bad, but woohoo to it being available for her to get.  :-)

The weather has been so amazing the last couple of days and will be again tomorrow.  We have taken advantage of the weather and spent our days outside ALL day.  Yesterday, Hayden spent the morning outside with Jeff while I got my hair done.  Then, we loaded up when I got home and went with Amy, Hudson, and Hayson to Sulphur Springs to the park and to get some ice cream.  You can’t go the park without getting a treat.  Right? 

They both kind of accidentally walked through the water and got soaked!  Just too tempting!

photo 1 

Today we got up early to meet up with our friends in Rockwall so we could head to the Dallas Zoo.   Such a great day to go!

If you have 2 year olds or ever had one, you know how hard it is to get them to sit still for a picture.  These  next pictures crack me up (and might be embarrassing for this momma) for many different reasons…

Four beautiful little girls sitting so nicely.  You kind of see Hayden’s leg. 


Hayden jumped down.  Didn’t want his picture taken. 


Yep, that is my kid.  He didn’t want his dadgum picture taken.  Ok? 


“Want to see the animals?”  Hayden suddenly become interested.  Girls loose interest.


Minus the hand in the mouth, pretty good shot! 


I guess Hayden wanted to let us know exactly what he thought about getting his picture taken. Trying to be nonchalant.


D.O.N.E. with pictures.  No longer being nonchalant.  GEEZ!


(Just so we are clear, we don’t do this nor condone this at our house. He doesn’t know what it means and I am just trying to make light of the situation. Too funny not to post.)

We saw lots of animals of course.



It must of have been multiples day at the zoo.  I lost count of how many of these train wagons we saw today.  It was crazy!  Mommas were wearing shirts that said “Yes, I have my hands full”  or“Quad Squad”.  I can’t imagine!


We had a nice picnic lunch.

DSC_0798 DSC_0808

Got to run around and play in the dirt.

DSC_0806 DSC_0805



Addisyn cracks me up! 


Hayden was so proud of this fine stick he found.


Then, we rolled up our pants and played in the water!  Crazy as it sounds, there many kids in bathing suits. 

DSC_0835  DSC_0820


DSC_0825 DSC_0824

DSC_0840 DSC_0828

We ended our day on the carousel.  We sat on the bench on the carousel while Hayden held on to me for dear life.


Such a sweet, silly boy.  Glad we didn’t have any more fits.  :-)


It took no time at all and Hayden was sound asleep and Payton decided to join him.  Just too much fun for these babies!

photo 2

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mom update 2-20-12

We went to see Mom today.  They are working her out pretty good on the Rehab floor. She is getting stronger! If all goes as planned they will let her come home Wednesday.  I know she is so ready! 

The only major hiccup right now is they are not able to get her Sandostatin shot from the drug manufacturer.  This is her shot that she gets every three weeks that reduces the side effects of  the carcinoid cancer.  They are on back order and the company is not releasing when/if they will be available.   Right now she is getting a short acting dose three times a day.  They said she may have to do these and give them to herself.  These shots hurt and she is less than thrilled about this. 

Sorry for the less frequent blog posts.  I am really trying to stick to my new years resolution and spend less time on the computer!  I have recently moved my laptop into my “new” office (need to blog about this) and I find it less tempting to sit on the couch and be on the computer.   I go to bed much earlier and feel much more rested.  I am sure this makes for a happier Mommy!  :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mom Update 2-15-12

Hayden and I went to see Mom today.  They moved her up to the rehab floor of the hospital last night.  They are working with her 3 hours a day.  Just trying to get her strength back.  She got to take a real shower (I think she felt like a new woman!) and did some exercising in the gym this morning.  They are still having a really hard time relieving the edema.  She is still quite swollen.  Another new doctor came in today. I do think he kind of  had an understanding of carcinoid cancer and carcinoid heart disease.  Carcinoid cancer is so different and effects so many different things.  They had taken her IV out, but he had them put one back in to start her on a couple of different diuretics.  Bless her heart.  Mom is such a hard stick.  They tried 3 different times to get her IV back in before they got it in this time.  She was just cringing and in tears. :-( 

She is still having quite a few flushing episodes too.  They have started giving her a short acting dose of her Sandostatin three times a day.  Hopefully, this will start helping! 

I guess we will see how things go the next couple of days.  I think she will probably be in there until atleast Monday. 

If you missed my earlier post today on Hayden doing donuts, go here

Doing donuts on his tractor…

This is what happens when you turn him loose on his tractor and there is a big water puddle.


For an hour, he went around and around and around.

DSC_0771DSC_0766 DSC_0769 DSC_0770DSC_0761 DSC_0762 DSC_0763

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mom Update 2-11-12

We went to see Mom yesterday.  She looked better and seemed to feel better. 

We went to see her today and she didn’t seem to feel as good or look as good.  She had a couple of  flushing episodes or went into Carcinoid Crisis as they call it.  Basically she turns really red, gets really weak, and starts to sweat really bad.  It is past time for her Sandostatin shot which helps to prevent these episodes.

If you ever want to read up on Carcinoid Cancer, I found this tonight and it explains a lot of what Mom experiences.

They are talking about moving her up to a different floor Monday to begin rehab.  Occupational and Physical therapy will work with her about 3 hours a day up there.  I think this will help her get much stronger and able to do more at home.  She just seems so weak right now. 

It has been a little frustrating this week because she has seen a new doctor almost every day.  Her case is so complex, it is quite hard for a new doctor to fully understand her situation and in my opinion give her the best care.  I guess we will see what happens this next week.

Please continue to pray for her.  

**We are making progress.  Hayden did get up in bed with her today and gave her a hug.  :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mom Update 2-9-12


We went to see Mom yesterday for her birthday.  She had lost about 10 lbs since Monday.   So, that is good news!  Not sure she was feeling much better, but said she is feeling better today.  She also was moved out of ICU and back  into a regular room yesterday as well.  They changed her off of her Bumex drip to a Bumex push (straight into her iv) so this is why she was able to move out of ICU.  I know she is probably about done being there, but I haven’t heard her complain. 


Robin brought her some pretty flowers and Aunt Kathy and Granddaddy sent her some pretty flowers too.  So, her room was pretty cheery!  I stopped at Costco and got a yummy Red Velvet cake for us to enjoy.  Hayden was so excited about eating birthday cake! 

Aunt Mary Helen and Cindy have been to visit her the last couple of days.  Thank ya’ll so much!  I know she loved having you visit! 

Hayden really hasn’t wanted much to do with Mom when we go visit.  He wants to go see her, but really won’t get too close.  He even said “Don’t like her.” when we were leaving one day.  So sad.  :-(  He loves his Nanny, but he doesn’t understand why she has all those wires and things making noise around her. 

Hope she gets to come home soon!  We love you Mom!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!  Mom turns 64 today!  I wish she didn’t have to spend her special day in the hospital, but we are going to try to make it special! 

She had to receive two pints of blood yesterday due to her anemia.  They also changed her diuretic again Monday to a drip of Bumex.  Which, Bumex is what Mom was hoping/thinking they would use in the first place.  They were going to do that until today and re-evaluate.  She really wasn’t loosing much fluid.  But, didn’t seem to be gaining either.  They had discussed actually going in and removing the fluid through a tube, but hopefully they won’t have to do that.  She has had that done a couple of times before. 

Her family doctor, Dr. Madsen, finally got involved Monday too.  She is probably the only one there that truly understands her the whole picture with all that is going on with Mom.  I am sure it is overwhelming for a new doctor to come in and get a complete grasp on all that is and has gone on. 

Hope to have more news to share tonight!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Project Complete!

I have had my eye on a way to organize my jewelry for quite some time.  I have had it here and there, but not organized like I wanted!   But, Pinterest came to the rescue!  What did we do without Pinterest? 

I was able to get started on my project this morning.

We picked up this piece of peg board at Lowes.  It ended up being the prefect size for what I needed!  Jeff was excited about not making any cuts! 


I sanded the soft side.  After scouring the craft closet, I found a blue/grey paint color that I thought would work for the project.


I wasn’t exactly happy with the color, so I added some antiquing glaze.  Antiquing glaze makes everything better!  ;-)  Kind of hard to tell with the pictures. 

Jeff suggested I add a little something to it.  And I wanted to, but didn’t know what.  He suggested I use our big S to trace.  So I did! 


I painted it with chalkboard paint (because that is the black I had) and Jeff got it hung up for me!

DSC_0708 DSC_0711

He also hung this hook/rack thing for my hats. 


AHHHH.  I love organization!!! 


Nevermind that I still have a gallon bag full of jewelry and a hang up organizer with earrings.  I kind of have a thing for jewelry! 

Do you have a creative way to organize jewelry?