Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pretend playing with a boy.

Playing and hanging out with his Daddy is truly one of Hayden’s favorite things to do.  Daddy is much more fun than Mommy.  I have to be honest, playing with GI Joes, trains, and cars is not really my thing.  I mean, I can handle it for about 5 minutes, but after I have zoomed around a few times,  I am lost.  And, what do I do with GI Joes?  What are they supposed to say (or do-Ha!) to each other?  I am terrible, I tell ya! 

Daddy does fun things like hang out in the travel trailer that is in our yard and play with toys, pop popcorn, and watch movies.  It’s one of Hayden’s favorite things to do! 

Look at this GI Joe stash Jeff found at his parents house a while back.  We put it up until we thought Hayden was big enough to play with them and not eat the 453 tiny pieces.  He loves it!  Talk about some old classic stuff! 

DSC_0625  DSC_0627   DSC_0630 DSC_0631  DSC_0633 DSC_0634 DSC_0636  DSC_0638

He’s cute huh?


See, I told you Daddy was fun!  DSC_0975 DSC_1053

What about pretending to go hunting?  Oh yeah!  I can do this one!