Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hayden and Jake

Hayden and Jake are pretty good buddies.  Or, Hayden thinks Jake is his buddy.  I am not real sure what Jake thinks about their relationship.   I guess Jake must kind of like Hayden though.  He pretty much lets him do whatever he wants to.



DSC_0414_edited-1 DSC_0415_edited-1  DSC_0410_edited-1

Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  Hayden has no underpants on.  Potty Training going on around the Smith House!  Hayden nor Jake seemed to mind.  I guess Mommy and Daddy didn’t either.  :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking out the trash

Hayden loves taking out the trash!  Wonder if he will love it this much when he is 16?


I can say, it is  my goal that he will be an amazing man and husband one day like his Daddy!  One that will pitch in and clean, unload the dishwasher, take out the trash, do laundry-without being asked.  One that will iron his clothes.  One that will cook for his wife and family.  One that is organized.  The list goes on and on…  Hopefully my list isn’t too ambitious!  ;-) 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall, Potty Training, Caterpillars, and a Rainette Performance!

Are you not loving this FALL weather?  I don’t know about you but we have pretty  much been living outside these days!  I have to admit, we have been living outside due to this amazing weather but also because we are potty training!!  If I can avoid as many accidents as possible inside, I am happy!!  He is doing really well! 


Hayden found several caterpillars living on his play fort yesterday.  He was so excited!


Something about the simplicity of this picture I love.  His dirty fingernails holding a stick with a caterpillar.  All boy!  Priceless to me.  :-)


DSC_0397 DSC_0398

Fall also means Football!! Hayden went to his first Varsity football game!  And I am pretty sure it is my first one since I graduated High School.  Kind of sad huh?  Last night was Homecoming for our town and Yolanda (Jeff’s sister) was performing a dance routine with many of the former Rainettes from many years back.  I am guessing the ladies ages ranged from early 30’s-early 60’s.  It was so fun to watch and  they did so good!!  Way to Go LULU!  Those high kicks were AWESOME!! (She is on the 50 yard line in the black capri pants). 

I know both of these say Rainettes #2 but they are different! 

I love this picture!  Hayden kept putting his arm around his Papa. 

hayden football game

He really enjoyed looking at all the nasty bugs swarming around the lights too!  Ha!

hayden football game 2

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Plano Balloon Festival

Friday afternoon, Hayden and I headed to McKinney to hangout with The Barner’s.  Amy was hosting a Thirty-One party that afternoon and then we planned to stay the night and get up early to head to the Balloon Festival.  And, that is exactly what we did! 

The Boys had such a blast playing together.  I was kind of worried how the party would go since I was trying to “work” and be a mommy at the same time.  :-)  But, they played upstairs most of the time and had the best time!  We did hear the occasional “Mommy”.  I think Hayden just wanted to make sure I was still around!  Ha! 

After we got the boys to bed Amy and I headed to Target.  We didn’t get there until about 9:00 PM but we had so much fun!  We literally walked up just about every isle.  Going to Target late at night and staying until they close without kids is such a treat!  Can I get an AMEN?  Ha! 

I almost peed my pants looking at and watching Amy try on Halloween Costumes.  She will kill me for this…


After Target, we made a late night run to Taco Bell.  Yum!  Got to bed around 12:45 AM or so.  Amy came in at 5:40 AM to wake us up to get ready to head to the Balloon Festival!  Pretty sure I had just closed my eyes. 

The boys got their morning milk and were ready to go! 


It was a throw on a hat and go kind of morning for Momma! 


The Balloons were supposed to be ready to launch around 6:30 or 7:00 AM but we got there and waited a while before they started showing up.


Gave us time to eat our yummy donuts!   


Here they go…

DSC_0337 DSC_0338 DSC_0341 DSC_0342

DSC_0344 DSC_0348

DSC_0349_edited-1 DSC_0350_edited-1

After the balloons were all pretty much up, they let us all go on the field since they weren’t going to launch (due to weather).



Barrett got to hold the guide rope!  So cool!

DSC_0365  DSC_0367

On the field with the balloons!  Hayden was being a little stink and didn’t want his picture taken. 


I thought this pirate balloon was pretty cool.  Outside and inside of it…

DSC_0372_edited-1 DSC_0375

We really had a great time.  We had a front row seat to the balloons as they were blown up and the boys loved it!  I am so glad we were able to go even though they didn’t launch!  Thanks Matt, Amy, and Barrett for letting us tag along! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Super Fun Trip to the Zoo!

We had a great trip to the zoo today with Kristin and Payton!  We had a blast!   So much so that I took about 150 pictures.  I L.O.V.E my camera!  And taking pictures too!  ;-) 

So, here are a few to get you by until I have more time to sort through them all and tell you all about our day! 


DSC_0270 DSC_0290






Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hayden in Action…

Life around the Smith pretty much revolves around this little boy.


He has been spending a lot of his time being a farm boy this week! 

He has been riding around on the Ranger or Granddaddy’s Truck or 4 Wheeler watching the guys run the big machines cleaning out the ponds.  He has to have this special new hat on too to make his “farm boy” status official! 



As you probably already know, Hayden loves his tractor.  Well, this week he has learned how to drive in reverse.  He really thinks he is big stuff!  And, so do I!  He can get himself “unstuck” now!!  WAHOO!!   (Make sure your sound is up.)

He would get so tickled.  Then, Chloe (the Yorkie) would start chasing him and barking at him and he would just get beside himself laughing so hard. 

DSC_0148_edited-1 copy


He has developed quite the little personality.  Most of the time I L.O.V.E. that personality.  Except when he uses his three favorite words at the moment.  “No, Nope, or Not.”  We are really at the point where he will repeat just about anything you say.  He still is not really forming “sentences” but he says so many words and surprises us with new things each day!  He can pretty much say what he wants to!  ;-) 

Here is a little peek at his personality for those of you that don’t get to see him in action.  I know these are pretty basic words, but words we hear and use quite frequently around here.  I do not want to forget how sweet that little voice is at 2 years, 5 months!  ;-)

PS…Jamie, no making fun of my “Hay Bale” accent ok?  HA! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

My PICK for the weekend…

My favorite picture from the weekend…


Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day of Preschool!

Today was Hayden’s first day of preschool.  He is going to a one day a week/half day program.  I think it will be really great for him.  I have to admit, I was quite nervous about it. 

But, this morning, we got ready and headed out the door ready to go {trying to not be too anxious}. 

We couldn't leave without a  few pictures first! 

DSC_0128 DSC_0132

DSC_0133 DSC_0135_edited-1

Hayden and I talked the whole way about school, his teacher, listening, snack, etc.  He seemed ok until we drove in the driveway.  He had not ever been there before, but he knew something was about to happen!  He was very clingy to me! 


Thankfully, he didn’t cry {I didn’t either} and his teacher, Mrs. Jen, was holding him when I left.  :-) 


While he was at school, I was able to get  a lot done.  Post office, oil change, get new library cards, load/unload dishwasher, clean bathroom, put away laundry, work on computer, make phone calls, etc.  It was kind of nice!  ;-) 

But, those three hours while he was at school were very LONG! I missed him!  When I went to pick him up, he was sitting on his little floor spot where he was supposed to and she had asked them not to get up when we came in until it was their turn to come get their backpacks.  Hayden did just that.  I was so proud of him! 

Jamie, I am with you though…There was no play by play when I picked him up.  “He did great.”  That is it.  EEEK!  I know she doesn’t have time to go through everything with each parent.  But…it would be nice!  Ha! 

First day of Preschool=Success!