Saturday, July 31, 2010

Puppy (Big Dog) Love…

You may remember Jake from the barn shoppin’ four wheeler ride.  If the four wheeler goes, he goes too!  If he doesn’t get to ride, he runs beside you! 


He is Mom, Dad, and Robin’s border collie and is such a great dog!  He is so mild mannered and does not meet a stranger (unless you are a coyote).  I am pretty sure Skooter would not be here if it was not for Jake.  Last summer a coyote got after Skooter when we let him out one night and Jake saved him! 

DSC_0421 DSC_0423

Hayden thinks he is kind of special.   It looks like Jake thinks Hayden is kind of special too!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

House Update 7-27-10 DEMO BEGINS!

I never thought I would be writing this post AND be excited about it, but demo began today! We are so glad that 1 1/2 months after the fire, something is finally happening!  I say “something”, but A LOT of work has already been done!!  But, today the “rebuilding” process actually began!  Three guys were there working today, and I MEAN WORKED!!  They got so much done!  They took all the sides off and took all the decking out of the attic. 

Exactly 1 year ago…Construction still going on!




Front of the house.  Garage was on the right.


South side and back of the house…

DSC_0730DSC_0726  DSC_0718

North side of the house…



Our driveway decor scrap metal area…



Check this out…


This is what was left after our kitchen cabinets were pulled out.  A cross!  Just reassurance that God’s hands are involved in this process!  He has a plan, is watching over us, and is going to take care of us! 

If you want to see more before/after pictures, you can go here

So, here we go again!  Great ready for another summer/fall full of house updates!  :-)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bye for now…

Last night was a sad night.  The time had come.  The time I was dreading.  Saying “Bye for now” to Jen, Landree, and Hudson.  I was so strong until Landree was in tears right before we left because she wanted to keep giving Hayden goodbye kisses.  So sweet! 


These two have become such great little buddies the past 6 weeks. They were able to see each other pretty much every day while Jen was here.

 DSC_0679 DSC_0681

And so have these two…Landree and Hayden love each other so much already!  Landree is such a good big sister and is so good with Hayden too!

DSC_0694 DSC_0691

She especially likes to tickle him!



Or…help him walk around.


Or…play “Ring around the Rosies”.


I have enjoyed our time together more than words can express!  Hayden and I are planning a trip this fall to fly to go see them!  We are so excited!


We love you all so much and we can’t wait to see you again soon!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shoppin’ the barn!


On Thursday night, Jen and I thought we would shop Daddy’s barn to see if we could find any treasures.

DSC_0616We have all the tools one could need on the front of the 4 wheeler and our sweat rag and work gloves ready to go too.   And of course, our little buddy Jake wanted to come along for the adventure. 

Before we went down to the barn, we had to go to our house to do a few things. 

Like, pick our last cantaloupe…


See me…in the “garden”?  What happened to this?


When we got to the barn we were so anxious to get in there and see what we could find!  Jen, the strong one, was able to unwind the wire on the cattle panel. Dad warned me, but that thing was hard to undo! 


So, here  is a look at some of the “vintage” items we found…

“Antique Lawn Chairs”

They might need a little duct tape, but still in great condition!

DSC_0638 DSC_0639

Golf Clubs

Good as new!  I can’t imagine that a little bird poo and dust would hurt your swing too much.



Take your pick!  Banana seat or no banana seat. 

Mom said the banana seat bike used to be hers.




Wanna go for a ride?


Vintage Lamp

I seriously think this is cool.  I am still thinking on what I could do with it!


Jen is in deep thought! 


One of two boats…

Your paddle/oar or mine?


Metal Framed Twin Bed

I have one similar to this that Daddy had already given me that is red.  Maybe Hayden will get to use it one day!  I think it is so cool looking!


Spiders and crickets galore!

Jen only freaked out a little.  She only said, “That is the biggest spider I have ever seen” about 143 times.  :-)  Don’t let the picture fool you.  It was a pretty darn big spider!


Vintage Shutter Cabinet

We pondered over opening this cabinet up for a while. We finally got our big girl panties on and went for it!  Other than the bottom missing out of it, it wasn’t too scary in there! 


Cow Skull

I thought Jen and I were going to have a fist fight over who was getting to take this one home!


Milk Jug

This thing was so heavy.  We had to move it out of the way so we could get into the Vintage Shutter Cabinet.  Goodness.  I can’t imagine caring that thing around full of milk!


Spencer Street Signs

I think these are so cool!  Daddy got these when the City of Greenville was changing out their street signs.  (Spencer is my maiden name).


Old Toy Car Hauler

I was so excited when I saw this.  This goes right along with the theme of Hayden’s new room!  I think it is even cooler that it came from my family!

DSC_0651 DSC_0652

Coke Wooden Crate and Glass Bottles




Old Wooden Doors

I am still studying on what we could do with these also!

DSC_0655 DSC_0656

Part of Wagon Wheels


Baseballs and Golf Balls

Jen was excited to find these.  She is doing some neat things with them in Hudson’s room!


Don’t you think there were some real treasures in there? 

Lesson learned: 

Go shop your Daddy’s barn.  You never know what you might find!