Tuesday, September 29, 2009

House Update 9-29-09

What happened to our estimated move in date of the beginning of August, then the beginning of September, and now it is already the beginning of October? We have done a lot ourselves so it has taken longer than we have liked. What I can say is we are getting soooo close! Jeff has been working like crazy day and night to get us closer to being done! I am limited on how much I can help with Mr. Hayden around. I usually go work when Hayden is taking a nap at my parent's house. Hayden is getting spoiled to taking naps on their bed. He sleeps like a champ on their bed! It is nice for me, so I have a little more time to get something done. He certainly doesn't take 2-3 hour naps at home like he does there. Jeff's mom also kept Hayden for the afternoon Saturday so I could help. Thanks Nanny and Nana!! We appreciate you!

Here is where we are...

Painting is done...touch up left.
Jeff, Dad, and I got the cabinets stained.
Polyurethane is a HUGE PAIN IN MY SIDE!!!!!!!! This was my job and I DON'T LIKE IT!!! Anyway, one coat of it is done on the cabinets. Sanding and another coat is left.
Lack a couple of light fixtures and all of those will be up.
Propane tank was moved in. We will have a gas tankless hot water heater and a gas furnace for our heat.
Trim and crown molding should be all finished tomorrow. He will have to come back after our floors are done and finish up a few things.
Bathroom tile is complete. We chose to do some peel and stick slate looking tile in there for the sake of time and cost. Jeff and his brother did this in about an hour last night and it looks great!
Shelving installed in bathroom linen cabinet.
Interior doors were installed.

What do we have left?
Cabinets-another coat of polyurethane-UHG!!
Counter tops-we bought everything we need for these this past weekend. We are doing a tiled counter top.
Floors will be installed this Friday.
Shelving and rods in the closets.
Paint exterior and interior doors.

and...MOVE IN!!!!!!!!! We are soooo ready!

Again, I am a slacker and haven't taken any new pictures to post. I think I will wait now until it is all complete! Won't be long!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday (For You Geoff)

You know it is bad when your husband's friend says something to him about our blog needing updating! I have been such a slacker (and a little busy!)! So, for some humor...

Not Me Monday...
I did not find a brand new book of checks in the washing machine.
I did not wash a DIRTY diaper in the washing machine.
I did not spend 30 minutes trying to clean all the diaper parts out of the washing machine.
I did not do 7 loads of laundry for three people.
I did not change Hayden's clothes five times today for various reasons (pee, spit up, slobber, poo, etc.) Hmmm...wonder why we have so much laundry!
I did not fall asleep rocking or feeding Hayden in the chair three times last night.
I did not skip the opportunity to take a two 1/2 hour nap with Hayden today since I didn't get much sleep last night.
I did not break the "rules" and give Hayden mashed up fresh banana as his first food. (Maybe that is why we didn't sleep good last night.)
I did not drive right past the grocery store on my way to the grocery store.
I did not clean out the refrigerator so I could actually put some fresh groceries in there.
I did not buy 5 cake mixes today because they were on sale and I have a BAD sweet tooth.
I did not eat a tablespoon (or two) of icing before I iced the cake I baked.
I did not take all the trash out because there were diapers in every trashcan because the diaper champ had been full all weekend.
I did not go to our new house two times within an hour so I could see the same lights that were installed and the the same trim that was put up....just so I could look...again.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 months

It's that time again! Another month has already passed so quickly. Hayden is 5 months old today. He is laughing, smiling, and "talking" so much these days!


Here is what Hayden is up to...

*Rolling over front to back.
My creation

*Getting much better with tummy time. He will laugh and play and actually seems to enjoy it now.

*Very aware of the dogs and watches them all the time. Gets “tickled” when the dogs are playing or are close to him.

*Makes so many different facial expressions.
My creation

*Will play for longer periods of time by himself on the floor (15-20 minutes).

*Discovering his feet. My creation

*Among making new sounds, he has started to do this fake cough/laugh/squeal noise.
*Everything goes into his mouth.
*Seems to be more interested in looking at and reading books.
*Has become more aware of the telephone. Will just stare at you while you are on the phone and will start talking as well. Too cute!
*Will grab for things around him that are on the table if he is sitting in his Bumbo seat.
*Talks, talks, talks! He wakes up talking instead of crying or grunting and usually has his head up looking around.
*Getting better at soothing himself to sleep. We can lay him down in bed more often and he will go to sleep without much fuss. He has actually preferred this over rocking at bedtime a few times lately, especially when his is really tired.
*Eats every 3 hours during the day. Wakes up about every 4 hours during the night to eat. Sometimes he will go 6 hours. Our night feeding routine is still pretty inconsistent. The good thing is he typically eats about 5-8 minutes on both sides and is right back to sleep. I still have chosen not to start cereal or other foods. I plan to wait until 6 months.
*Takes 3-4 naps a day. The first nap of the day usually being the longest (1 ½-2 hours) and the rest being about 30 minutes to an hour.

Sample Schedule:
7:00 AM-eat
7:00-8:15-wake time (cuddle time)
8:15-10:00-morning nap
10:00-11:30-wake time (play)
12:30-1:00-wake time (play, go outside)
1:00-2:30-wake time (play and/or run errands)
7:00 PM-eat and to bed

*Wears size 2-3 or 3 diapers.
* Mostly wearing 3-6 month clothing. Still wears some of his 0-3 months. Most are starting to get a little short though.
*Weighs a little over 14 pounds.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

House Update-Paint Colors

Here is a sneak peek at our paint colors. I am usually pretty low key when it comes to paint colors. I always seem to go with earthtones. I think I have watched a little too much HGTV lately and have brightened things up a bit! Jeff and his dad and my dad worked so hard this weekend getting everything painted! YEA!! We are still thinking we may add another coat to the ceiling, but other than that, we are ready for crown molding and trim.

Kitchen...R-E-D! So, I really didn't think it would be this bright. But, once we stain the cabinets and all our decor is in, I think it will look great. And speaking of cabinets, I can't show them to you because they are all covered up! Can you imagine if that red paint got on them? Hopefully we will get them stained next weekend.


The living room...brown. We did an accent wall in our living room and our bedroom with a darker brown, but you really can't tell too much. Oh well! Our bedroom pretty much looks the same as this.


The bathroom...blue. I seriously had on a shirt one day and said, I really think I want our bathroom to be the color of my shirt. Well, I pretty much matched with a color at Sherwin Williams. I have a chocolate brown shower curtain and plan to use some rustic/iron decor in here. I think it will look pretty good all put together!


And Hayden's room...

I had a really hard time deciding what I wanted to do in his room. I decided to do a blue and brown with a chair rail. I am still trying to decide on a baby bed (style-with an adjusting rail, without, white or chocolate, etc...so many choices!). I am having a hard time!

Here is his bedding...

baby bedding 2

Hayden matched his room today!



And with his sweet, loving, and hard working Daddy...


Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy week!

(This picture has nothing to do with anything other than we haven't had much tummy time this week because we have been on the go-go-go!)

Hayden and I have had a busy week!

Starting with last Friday, I had the oral surgery. Then, we decided to call the doctor on Friday because Hayden was really stuffy, had a runny nose, coughing and sneezing some, etc. Basically what I thought was a cold or allergies, but they had us come in on Saturday morning. After waiting almost 2 hours (with an appt.), turns out that Mr. Hayden had an ear infection. Poor baby! It's no wonder he wasn't sleeping well with a stuffy nose he couldn't breathe and I am assuming his ear was hurting as well. He never pulled on his ear that gave me any sign that it might be hurting prior to the doctor visit. He didn't run fever either. On Sunday morning, he woke up with scratches on the side of his face by his ear. I guess it must have been hurting! So, he is taking the "bubble gum-pink stuff" as called it as a kid. I guess we are broke in now with our first ear infection and first round of antibiotics. He is feeling better and actually slept 6 1/2 hours last night without waking up! That hasn't happened in a long time!

Then Saturday afternoon we had a house warming party for Jeff's sister and her husband. They built a beautiful new home. They have been working on it for 3 years or so, so they were soooo proud to have it complete!

On Monday, I helped Jeff paint at the house while my mom kept Hayden for a couple of hours. I really haven't gotten to help much at the house so it was nice to feel like I was actually contributing some. Then, Hayden and I went to Home Depot to get several things we needed for the house.

One Wednesday, Hayden and I went with my mom to a couple of her doctor appointments. We ran around all day getting things for the house...Sherwin-Williams, Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart. What is funny, is the people at Home Depot know us now. They know Hayden by name and always ooohh and ahhh over him. I typically have him in the sling and they always look to see if he is asleep or not. Anyway, it is obvious 3 times in Home Depot in less than a week is a little much when they know you by name!

On Thursday, I had a follow up appointment from my oral surgery in Dallas. After that we had lunch with our friend Stacey at Luna de Noche-YUM! and then went to Lone Star Baby and Kids. Fun store!! Then, we went over to Stacey's home so I could feed Hayden. Then, we had our long journey back home!

Unfortunately, Hayden had many of his naps in the car or the sling lately. I hate it when he gets all his naps in the car, but what do you do when you have to get things done? And, you live 30 minutes to one hour away from everything! I always feel so guilty!

We got our cabinets installed yesterday! They look great! I will post a pic soon!

Off to test paint samples...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mommy Bargain Site!

I have discovered a new mommy bargain site today. They randomly feature one "bargain" throughout the day. When it is sold out, they may feature something different. They don't tell you when they will post something new. But seems like a neat site! You never know what you might discover! Just thought I would share!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Viewer Discretion Advised!

Ok, so really...this is pretty funny, but probably a little gross too. I am only posting this so I can get some sympathy and you a good laugh. Ha!

A little background before the pictures...

As some of you probably remember, when I was sophomore in high school, I got bit by a horse. Yes, BIT! I was outside feeding my steer and decided I would walk out to pet the horse which I had never really done before. Well, I guess she thought I was going to feed her too, WRONG! So, as I was petting her, she turned her head and bit me on my face/mouth and knocked me back on my head. Luckily I narrowly missed the cattle panel (for you city folks--metal fence/gate) behind me. All I knew when I got up was that I was bleeding like crazy and crying of course. So, I get into the mirror to look and I realize my front tooth has been knocked out. Seriously, I WAS TOOTHLESS! I had recently gotten my braces off. You can only imagine what a high school girl is thinking! It looked awful! So, my mom called my dad and my brother (both firemen and EMT/Paramedics) and my brother came over and my dad said he would meet us at the ER (he was on duty). Tooth in tow, we got to the ER in Greenville and waited forever and decided to call my oral surgeon and he met us at the ER in Tyler where I had surgery immediately. They put my tooth back in with a metal bar across my front teeth holding it in and sewed my lip up where I had a huge hole from either my tooth or the horses tooth. Anyway...gross!

Then several years later I had to get a root canal and a veneer put on that tooth because it had died. Now, 13 years later, here I am getting more work done on that tooth! That STUPID horse has cost us A LOT OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!

So, after going to the dentist in May, he basically told me that my tooth was deteriorating in the gum. GREAT! So, after a few appointments...here is what has happened!

Last Friday, I had to to have that tooth pulled. Because it was deteriorating, it broke when the periodontist pulled it. So, he had to cut my gums and "turn it to dust" to get it out. Again, GROSS! Then, they put in an implant. Basically a screw. They seriously used different sized drill bits to put a hole in my bone and then used a ratchet to put the implant in. YES, a RATCHET! I about died when I saw that. Anyway, until it all heals, I have to wear what is called a "flipper". Basically a retainer top with a lovely tooth on it. It is BEAU-T-FUL! UHG! My precious husband is such a trooper and only makes fun of it a little! ;-) He has a toothless wife! Front one at that! And lucky for Hayden, he gets to see me toothless in the middle of the night! Can you imagine what he is thinking when I am smiling at him in the night! Probably gives him nightmares! HA!

So, here are the pics...hopefully you aren't too grossed out!

I waited a few days to take pictures. It wasn't so good looking on Friday! ;-)


Here is the "flipper". I have to wear it all day (eat with it also) and leave it out at night. It isn't fun to eat with it. Only soft foods for 6-8 weeks. You would think I might lose some weight, but that excuse to eat Blue Bell isn't helping the cause!

How special! It has my name on it and everything!

The finished product...what it looks like when I have it in...

They say it should be 6-8 weeks minimum before I can actually get my permanent tooth in. So, for now, Hayden has a toothless mommy and Jeff has a toothless wife! They are both so proud, I am sure!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

House Update 9-3-09

Well, I wish I could report that our house was complete, but we aren't quite there! Jeff has been working so hard doing a lot of it himself!

Here are a few pictures...

We got our cellulose insulation blown in a couple of weeks ago. We couldn't put any walls up for over a week so the insulation could dry. We sprayed pretty much every wall with it for either temperature regulation or to keep sound out. The only walls we didn't spray were the walls between Hayden and Jeff's closets and Jeff just put some batting in it. Cellulose is mostly made of cardboard and is a great insulator not to mention environmentally friendly! :-) It is amazing how much cooler it is in our house compared to outside or the garage.


We are also using OSB for our walls. (Jeff pretty much explains it as all the left over woodchips pressed together to make a board.) It is not only cheaper than sheetrock, it is environmentally friendly too! Another good thing is Jeff can hang it himself (with the help of his brother) and saves us money there too!


Attic/AC area...


Mr. Hayden sitting in the kitchen while I took some pictures! He looks so tiny in this picture.


Up close...He loves him some fingers and now toes! Ha!


In our bathroom Jeff put up "mold proof" sheetrock and we had it tape, bed, and textured. On the left is part of our huge linen cabinet and hamper area. I am so excited about it!


We decided on our flooring this week. We ended up going with this scraped wood "looking" flooring for our dining and kitchen areas. It is actually made out of recycled PVC pipe. CRAZY I know! It is beautiful! We are on a roll with the environmentally friendly stuff! Ha!



And our carpet...


We are hoping to have all walls put up this weekend and even some primer on the walls! Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Hudson has arrived!

Many of you know my best friend Jennifer. Baby Hudson arrived last night at 3:48 AM (Texas time). Jennifer's water broke about 11:20 and she had him a little over 4 hours later! Both Hudson and Jen are doing great. He weighed 7 lbs, 13 oz and was over 21 inches long. She was a 5 when she got to the hospital, and didn't get her epidural until she was an 8...not by choice! She just went so fast. She is such a trooper! I can't wait to see pics. Just thought I would share with you about his arrival!

Love you Jenny! Wish I could be there! Hayden said to give his new little best friend a kiss for him!