Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best Buds!

Hayden had his first little play date today! Our friends Matt, Amy, and little man Barrett came to see us today! Barrett is 11 months older than Hayden. We had such a fun time seeing our friends! Hayden pretty much just watched Barrett play. The dogs wouldn't leave Barrett alone. They definitely thought they had a new playmate! We played outside and took a couple of rides on the golf cart. A fun day!

A few pictures of the boys...


Grabbing Hayden's toes. Too cute!


So sweet!


Wearing Barrett's hat...


Thanks again for coming to see us! We miss seeing you! We look forward to our boys growing up together. It won't be long until Hayden is eating dirt with Barrett instead of watching him! Ha!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Such a big boy!


I can't believe Hayden is sitting in his high chair eating real food! He loves sitting in the high chair! He will just sit there and kick his legs like a happy and content little boy. Sometimes he does get a little anxious knowing that food is coming his way! He has started eating two "meals" a day other than nursing every three hours. He eats oatmeal cereal in the morning and in the evenings and has tried banana, squash, sweet potato, avocado (didn't like), and carrots (didn't like). We will give avocado and carrots a try again soon. I really would like to make Hayden's baby food. Unfortunately it isn't the best season to do so right now with fresh veggies. We will continue to explore new foods and see what his taste buds go for!

Hayden has also tried sweet potato puffs and seemed to really like them! These are only for special occasions! ;-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Please pray!


I am writing this post to ask you to please pray for my mom. I haven’t blogged much about her condition, simply because I didn’t know where to begin. But, I know the power of prayer and I asking for yours. Here goes...

Mom has suffered from many illnesses beginning when I was in 6th grade. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember going to school the day of her surgery being so worried about her and her telling me that there was only a 20 % chance she would have breast cancer and not to worry. Well, that night, they sat me down and told me that sure enough it was. My mom taught where I went to school and after teaching all day, she would get me out of school a little early and we would drive 1 ½ hours to Baylor Dallas each way every day for 30 days. Thankfully the breast cancer never returned.

Then, when I was a sophomore in high school we found out that she had liver and colon cancer. She had these tumors removed and did not do radiation or chemo at the time. They thought they had gotten it all. Then, when I was a freshman in college, the carcinoid cancer of the liver returned. She has continued to live with the liver cancer for the past 12 years. About 5 years ago, she had two chemoembolization treatments (where they go in through a catheter and shoot a chemo treatment directly into the liver) and we almost lost her during one of those. Her system did not take that well. She has also taken and continues a very painful chemo shot every three weeks for many years.

A few years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes, thought to be related to the carcinoid tumors she has in her liver. This is a daily struggle as well. She also suffers from neuropathy (painful numbness in the legs and feet).

She also had to have all her top teeth removed due to bone loss (again tied to her tumors) and have all new implants put in. I never knew of anyone who took better care of their teeth than my mom!

Most recently this summer, she began to have swelling in her abdomen. They did surgery to remove fluid from around her lungs where they found other tumors. She began taking a chemo med (10 pills a day) and it totally changed her. She slept all the time, was dizzy, stumbled around, talked crazy, etc. She still has some of these symptoms.

Well, she stopped taking those and began a new chemo med about 3 weeks ago that has recently had a study showing great success with the carcinoid tumors. On Saturday, her oncologist called her and told her that she needed to come in to the ER at Baylor immediately, that he had gotten some test results showing that her kidney functions were not good.

So, here we are…

They have done and continue to do many blood tests daily to determine what is going on with her kidneys. They have told her that she is having “Complete Renal Failure”. Unfortunately, the kidney doctor is scratching his head on what is causing the kidneys to fail. They have done a biopsy and prelim results do not show anything out of the ordinary. More results should come within a week (seems like a lifetime). They decided to do dialysis and she has had two treatments with a third tomorrow.

So, I ask you to pray for her. I strongly believe in the phrase that “The Lord will not give you anything you can’t handle.” Mom is a true testament to that. She has been so strong and has had such positive attitude. It is so hard to see your mom go through so much. I ask you to pray for the doctors to give them the wisdom to know what to do for her. I ask you to pray for my dad who has been by her through every step and doesn’t leave her side. I also ask you to pray for my precious 16 year old niece that my parents adopted when she was very young as she goes through this as well.

So many are struck with this mean cancer disease. I wish we had more answers and could cure all. For now…we have the power of prayer.

I love you mean the world to me!

A big boy bed...


Hayden has finally graduated out of the pack-n-play into his big boy crib. It is so exciting to find out you are pregnant and for a mom to start thinking about decorating a nursery! Well, almost a year after buying his bedding, we finally got to use it! I had a hard time deciding on a crib, but I really like the crib we picked out and love the way his bedding turned out. I really don't have much decor because I really haven't found anything that I am in love with. I do have a dresser with his changing pad on it. Other than that, there isn't much in his room!

We are loving him have his own room! He is sleeping well in his new bed. The first couple of nights were a little rough, but things are getting better. Still not sleeping through the night...not even close! HA! But we are getting into a better routine and I really think he is resting much better having his own space! And so are we! :-)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It Happened!

YIPEE YI YAY!!!! I am doing my happy dance! WE HAVE MOVED!! We are so excited to be in our new house and we feel like we have so much room! Of course we still have boxes to unpack but a lot of it is done!! Jeff's family graciously volunteered to help us again (4th move in 2 years). I know they are sick of moving us (as we are sick of moving) but this will be our last move for a LONG time! I will have pictures soon, but for now, I just thought I would report the good news!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


On Thursday at our doctor's appointment, our doctor took the opportunity during his little 6 month "stump speech" to point out that children should not be in the kitchen or in the bathroom hanging out while you might be doing something until they are 4 years old.

Immediately, I gasped thinking I had Hayden on the counter in his Bumbo seat that morning while I was getting ready and I even took a picture of him. Isn't he sitting like a little angel?


But, seriously, how realistic is this? Who hasn't carried their baby on their hip while they stir the supper or put their baby in a bouncer while they took a quick shower? How are you supposed to get anything done when you are by yourself? I guess I understand the point, but goodness, it seemed a little drastic. Anyway, maybe I am a bad mom, but I guess we all just do what we can to keep our babies safe...realistically!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Daddy's 6 month check-up

I thought it would be fun to do a “Daddy’s 6 Month Check-Up” interview to see Jeff's point of view on how things are going. I thought of a few questions and Jeff agreed to answer them! Jeff says, “Here are my answers peppered with some wisdom and insight rarely found in East Texas.”

Here goes...

What has been the best thing about becoming a Daddy?

Jeff: “The best part is how Hayden recognizes me even in a room full of people. I love to get his attention and see him smile at me. He and I never get tired of each other.”

What has been the greatest challenge about becoming a Daddy?

Jeff: “Not being able to do more. Megan has so much more work to do than me and I don't have as much time to help as I would like. The lack of sleep is a close second.”

It’s hard for those who don’t have kids yet to understand how much your life changes. How have you changed as a person? How has your day to day life changed?

Jeff: “It is hard if you don't have kids. I'm 34 and for years I would complain about my brothers and buddies not having time to hang out with me. Now I completely understand why they didn't have time. I have changed as a person. This whole thing has made me much more sensitive about everything. Work has been much harder as well. I get way too involved in the calls I answer involving small children. The biggest "day to day" change has been time management. Before April 15, I woke up with no game plan at all! Now, I try to juggle my Daddy Duty with other stuff and fit it all into a specific time frame and then try not to feel guilty if something gets put aside for another day.”

It seems like as new parents, we worry a lot! What are your worries right now?

Jeff: “A wise man once said something to the effect of, "Fear is simply the unknown". The unknown is my greatest fear. Is Hayden going to get sick, is he going to be smart, are we going to have problems with his temper like I had with mine? I could care less if Hayden turns out to be super rich or famous. My goal is for him to be a productive, polite and understanding man. Anyone that knows me knows that I can worry for days about something very small. I want to do my best to make sure Hayden does not have that mind set. He must learn to be strong and outgoing.”

How has your relationship with your wife changed?

Jeff: “What relationship? Just kidding. I think if it has it has been for the better. Megan and I have been close from the start going all the way back to our first date. What I mean by that is she and I have always been on the same page with our goals. I think Hayden just completed the team and has made us work harder together. I know he has made us better people in general.”

What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Jeff: “I saw a small child on TV last night that was sitting up and crawling. It was just some commercial but I thought, "MAN! I can't wait for Hayden to do that!" Also, Christmas really didn't mean that much to me in the past, just a reason to spend money and all. Now I can't wait for him to open the gifts and play more with the wrapping paper than the toys.”

What advice do you have for a first time Daddy?

Jeff: “Advise for a first time Daddy: There is no way to prepare for what is about to happen to you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Learn to let the small stuff go, don't start arguments because you will be too tired to win them and that will make you look like an idiot. Get in the habit of buying 5 Hour Energy in the big box because it's much cheaper in bulk (try Sam's and Wal Mart). Learn to be really silly because there isn't anything much better than making your baby laugh. That sound will melt away a whole lot of stress. Make a promise to your child and keep it. What you promise is your business, just keep it. Lastly, your child is the second most precious gift God will give you. Your salvation is the first. Make sure you give your child every opportunity to latch on the most important and precious gift God gives....Salvation.”

Thanks Baby for taking the time to do this! You are an amazing Daddy to our son! I am so lucky to have you! I love you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Boy!

Our precious baby doll is 1/2 a year old. our life has changed in what seems like such a short time. I never imagined that our baby boy could bring so much love and joy into our lives. You always hear parents say things such as this, but you can't imagine it until you are a parent yourself.


So, what is Hayden up to these days?

Our latest excitement is that he is officially sitting up on his own! Last night, he was sitting up about a minute. Today he sat up for over 4 minutes truly on his own with out any guidance, support, toys, etc. YEA HAYDEN!



About a week ago, he started sitting up in his bathtub. He didn't want to lay back anymore. Scary for the Momma and Daddy!


Reaches for everything in close range! (Telephone, cell phone, remote, cup you are drinking out of, whatever might be on the table, etc.)

Very verbal...loves to hear himself talk! Sometimes VERY LOUD!

Reacts to Mommy and Daddy with GREAT EXCITEMENT! (the best feeling!)

Reaches for your face when you are playing with him.

Putting his hands together (somewhat like a clap).

Gives open mouth kisses. Love that!

Loves his K-9 friends.


Starting to reach for you but hasn't mastered this one yet.

Has a new scrunched up nose face that he makes when he wants/doesn't want something.


Getting more hair!

Says "Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma"...what Momma doesn't LOVE that?

Funny one...all boy...He will be nursing and he will lift his leg, grab his foot, and toot! Oh goodness...what we have to look forward to!

Very aware of us eating and drinking. He gets very excited when you are holding him and you get a drink in your hands. For some reason it seems he thinks we are going to give him a drink! We have started experimenting with the sippy cup filled with water.

(I realize this picture is kind of sad. I do help him more that this. I just wanted to snap a picture of him holding it! The cup looks as big as he is. We decided to start with a Nuby soft nipple cup.)

Still eating about every 3 hours day and night. We have introduced oatmeal cereal, carrots (not his favorite), banana, applesauce, and squash. We have not started giving him these things consistently. Just as a "fun food" as our doctor calls them. When we get moved in a couple of weeks, we plan to start these more consistently.


Ooooo...I can't wait to try some more food!

Stats at the doctor today:
Weight-16 lbs, 2 oz (25th percentile)
Height-26 inches (25th percentile)
Head-17 inches (25th percentile)

Our doctor said he was absolutely perfect. We tend to agree! ;-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have been in a blogging funk and haven't done much of it lately!

Mr. Hayden has been in kind of a funk himself. We have had a week or so of some pretty L-O-N-G nights! Typically, he was still waking every 4 hours or so. Lately, every 1-3 hours. Sometimes more often. We can lay him down and he is back awake as soon as we lay him down or in 10-15 minutes. He immediately turns over onto his back (from sleeping on his tummy) and is not up for going back to sleep unless you rock him. We have tried letting him cry. We have tried shhhing and patting his bottom. I wish we knew the cause. I wish I could blame it on teething, but I am not sure that is what it is. We went a week ago to get his ears check again, they were great. A growth spurt? Spoiled? Needy? I don't know! We even tried filling him up with some cereal a few nights...that didn't work either. Thank goodness Jeff was able to take some shifts this weekend! We have both been sleeping in the chair with him some just so we can get some rest at night.

It is crazy to me that a couple of months ago Hayden was sleeping 5-8 hours pretty regularly. I know all babies are different and it is hard not to compare yours to others, but I have to say I am a little jealous of those Momma's that have babies that STTN! I am really not try to complain, just wish I has some answers for our baby doll. Thanks for listening!

I am praying for a good night tonight!

Side note: Hayden does still sleep in the same room as us because we don't have a choice. This will change soon when we get to move into the new house! Hopefully this will help us out some!

Monday, October 5, 2009

House Update 10-5-09

Hayden is so excited for me to share our house update with you. This week our house began to look like a home.


Hayden even got to take his first nap in his new room Sunday afternoon while Mommy and Daddy tiled the kitchen counter top.


This week we got our trim, crown molding, light fixtures, electrical, flooring, and our kitchen counter top is now complete!

A few pictures to share...

Looking from front door into living room, dining area, kitchen area. The blue room you see is the bathroom and the room to the right of the hallway is the master bedroom.




To the left of the hallway is Hayden's room.

This weekend's project was getting our kitchen counter top complete. Again, in an effort to save money, we decided to do it out of tile.

Bar is built and plywood construction is complete...



Backer board (I think that is what you call it) is on...


Trim is on...


We aren't total rookies when it comes to tiling. Jeff and I tiled our floors when we lived in our other house. But, instead of using thin-set to put our tile down with, we decided to be guinea pigs and try out a new product called Simple Mat. This was recommended to us from a gentleman from where else...Home Depot! Basically it comes in like a 18" x 12" (totally guessing on the size) sheet and you cut it to fit. One box did 10 square feet. One sticky side you put down on the counter top and the other has a clear wrapping you peel off when you are ready to put the tile down. Then, you just lay out your tile and stick it on there. SUPER EASY!!! We had a great system! Jeff would make the cuts with the tile saw and I would lay all the tile.

So, here is the finished product minus the grout. Jeff's brother was going to put that on there for us today. We were very proud of ourselves when we finished this project last night!



Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ready for Hunting Season


Well, today marks an important day of the year! The opening of hunting season! Bow hunting actually. Jeff and I both love to hunt, but this year seems as though it might be a little (a lot) different for us! I grew up hunting with my dad and I hope that Hayden grows up loving the outdoors as much as we do. We had plans of going to the deer lease this weekend, but because we still have some things to get done with the house, we aren't able to go quite yet! But...Hayden is ready in his first camo outfit! Jeff and I are used to coming and going to the deer lease as we pleased (4 1/2-5 hour drive), hunting morning and night, etc. So, we will have to adjust and perhaps "take turns", but I know we will continue to enjoy our time at the lease! It is such a nice get-a-way! Hopefully we will get to take Hayden soon!

If you would like to see pictures from Hayden's actual first deer season, go here. I was about 4 months pregnant at the time!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hanging out in the Bumbo!

Hayden continues to love sitting in his bumbo seat. I love it because I can get a few things done while he is right there by me in the kitchen, or on the bathroom counter while I get ready, or sitting while we eat. We have actually started taking it with us wherever we might go. It is so handy! We have used the bumbo tray some, but haven't found it real useful quite yet! Maybe when he starts eating.

Our latest bumbo photo shoot...

Happy Boy!

Didn't you just take a picture Mommy?

Old man face...

I'm tired!