Monday, February 28, 2011

Bay-bee, Bay-bee

First of all, no…we are not having a baby.  But, baby is the word I heard the most at our playdate today!  We went over to see our friends Amy, Hudson, and 3 week old Hayson.  Hayden LOVES babies and today was no exception! 

The only pictures I got were with my phone, so pardon the picture quality here!

When we got there, Hayden immediately starting hugging, loving, and wanting to kiss on Hayson.  We ask Hayden if he wanted to hold him and he of course said yes.  Hayson wasn’t loving it but Hayden did.  It didn’t bother Hayden that Hayson was crying one bit.  He even through a little fit when we took Hayson away. 

photo 2photo 3

It took a little while for the boys to really start playing together.  But, after playing for a bit, they thought it was time for a snack.

photo 4

Then, they enjoyed playing in Hayson’s room.  Hudson loves climbing into Hayson’s swing.  He stayed in there for a long time.  So funny!

photo 5

I think Hayden might have been a little confused when we got there and saw Hudson P., because we have been talking about our upcoming visit to see Hudson in South Carolina.  We are leaving in TWO days and are SO EXCITED!   But, Hayden loved all Hudson’s tractors, trains, barns, farm animals, and climbing up on Hudson’s big boy bed and of course the bay-bee!  We can’t wait to go back and play! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still Here!

We are still here!  Been a very busy week and weekend for us!  Hayden spent Friday with his Nanny and Granddaddy and Saturday with his Daddy, Nanny, Granddaddy, Nana, and Papa while I was “working” my new business.  Hayden was so exhausted  from playing with the grandparents that he slept from 4:30 yesterday afternoon until 6:40 this morning.   Crazy huh?  I thought so!  I thought for sure that we would be up in the middle of the night having dinner and playing.  But, he just kept on sleeping!  Bless his heart!  We went to church this morning (Lucky me, I got to love on babies in the nursery!), had lunch at Nana and Papa’s, and came home for a nap.  Then, we left again.  Hayden with back to N & P’s and I went to church for a meeting.  Whew!  Heading to bed for some much needed rest! 

Hope to catch up with the blog soon!  Upcoming posts…Kaden’s birthday party (from 3 weeks ago-I am a slacker!), Hayden’s room tour, and my new business venture with Thirty-One!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gone Muddin’

DSC_0408 Hayden had the time of his life today.  Doing what?  Spending his entire day outside!  He rode the lawn mower, the tractor with both his Daddy and Granddaddy, pushed his lawn mower, rode his 4wheeler, played in the rain, and went muddin’.

When playing outside, Hayden likes to ride his 4 wheeler.

DSC_0437 DSC_0438

But…he LOVES to push this lawn mower around.  No doubt he has put many miles on the mower!  One of the best purchases from Good Samaritans! 


Hayden and “mower” went muddin’.


Oh me…


He thought playing in the water puddles was kind of fun too.  He liked picking those nasty bugs out of there too! 

DSC_0409 DSC_0420DSC_0411 

DSC_0430  DSC_0432

Got a little wet from the rain!



Lucky for us, we got a lot of our outside work done before it started to rain.  Jeff got the yard (weeds) mowed,  dirt spread around the house, and our our garden spot plowed and ready for a “garden” soon! 


And just so I don’t forget…Hayden can now say all the grandparent’s names.  Hayden has said Nana and Nanny for quite some time.  But, he recently started saying “Da-Day” for Granddaddy about a week ago.  Tonight, when we went over to Nana and PaPa’s, Hayden started saying PaPa.  Jeff and I just looked at each other.  That was the first time we heard him say it!  Makes us happy and I am pretty sure it makes all the grandparents happy too!  :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saving His Money


Since Kristin posted about Payton enjoying putting money in her piggy bank, I decided to let Hayden put money in his.  Little did I know, he would become a little obsessed with putting money his bank!  I guess that is a good thing right?  He will say “money…bank” while running into his room pointing to his bank!   How do you explain to a persistent one year old you don’t have any more “money”?  Ha!  I have started feeling guilty if I use any change I might have in my purse instead of letting him put it his bank.  It’s a good thing that Daddy brings home some change most days!  Aunt Barbara, we will be coming to see you soon to cash in!  :-)   

Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Entertainment

We have new entertainment in the middle of our living room.  A slide in our living room is fun for a couple of reasons.  One, so this little boy can climb up and slide down.  He still needs help getting his legs from the steps to facing forward to slide down.  The first time he actually did it today on his own, he ended up falling backwards.  Poor baby!  He’s got to learn somehow I guess. 


The other reason we have a slide in the middle of our living room is it makes a great ramp for our “Big Trucks”.  



Whatever makes this boy happy!  CHEESE!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hayden @ 22 Months

I can’t believe we are just two months away from our baby turning 2 years old!  Today while Hayden and I were at lunch, I had three different people tell me “You don’t have a baby any more”.  It’s true.  Our baby is not a “baby” any more.  I can’t talk about it. 


We have seen Hayden change so much in the last month. 


He has grown so much in his physical abilities.  He has gone from running everywhere to SPRINTING everywhere.  He is so fast.  I have a hard time catching him sometimes.   I know, the fun has only begun!  He can get on and off his 4wheeler with ease.  He is so close to being able to pedal his tricycle on his own. He can go up and down stairs.  He can climb up the ladder to his slide.  He is really trying to climb everything now.  He tries to get in the bathtub on his own and I have even seen him try to put his leg on the top rail of his bed.  Yesterday he must have been trying to climb out because he started crying a “different” cry during naptime.  I went in there and he had one leg stuck in between the rails close to the top and he was laying flat on his back.  Oh. Dear.  I am not ready for the toddler bed! 


His vocabulary has improved so much this month too!  He is naming so many things and expressing his needs/wants so much better.  He also communicates effectively with shaking his head yes and/or no.  Some new words this month…

Hayden, Heart, BayBay (Baby)  He says this for every baby animal he might see in a book or outside (mostly calves), Bad Boys (Police Bear), Hay (whenever he sees a hay bale), Doo-Doo or Doo-Der (Skooter), Baboo (Baboon), Hyna (Hyena), Doos (shoes), Need (he says this all the time, but now when we drive by Sonic), Want, Old (Cold),  Melmo (Elmo-on his toothpaste), Ouse (Mickey Mouse), Mal-Mart (Wal-Mart-Jeff hadn’t heard him say this until recently when we drove up at Wal-Mart and Hayden said “Mal-Mart”.  Jeff said, “Do ya’ll come here often?” Ha!),.  These are just some I can think of.  He is getting to where he really tries to repeat a lot of what you say.   He talks all the time! 


Still LOVES to play PEEK-A-BOO!



He also started showing interest in watching a little tv. I know I shouldn’t be real happy about this, but honestly I am.  Sometimes, you just need a little something that will hold his attention for a few minutes.  :-)  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is his favorite and he likes Word World too.  When he gets on our bed, he lays back and points at the TV and says “Ouse” (Mickey Mouse).  He will watch it for a few minutes. 

Overall, we have seen a increase in his concentration level and attention span.


Hayden is really starting to show affection more and I LOVE it!  We are still waiting on that “Love You” to come out of his mouth.  Tonight I asked him to give me a kiss and he did.  Sweet boy!   

He has really started dancing A LOT!  He now moves from side to side instead of bouncing up and down.  Anytime he hears music, he is dancing!  Here is a short video of him dancing with Bad Boy and showing off his new moves to his Nanny and Granddaddy.  Bad Boy and Hayden perform multiple times a day. 

We still have the paci.  Shauna, Hayden and I have a trip to South Carolina in a couple of weeks to see Jen.  I want to make it through that plane ride and trip before we tackle taking it away.  I am not looking forward to “operation bye bye paci” at all! 

DSC_0374 DSC_0370

Hayden Luke, words can’t describe the love we, and so many others, have for you!  You are such a fun little boy that is growing and changing before our eyes each day.  Your “sayings”, dancing, and quirky moves you make keep us in stitches.  Your laughter is so precious and simply contagious!  I can’t believe you will be two years old in just two more months.   Time flies when you are having fun!  WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1st Hair Cut at 22 Months

Today, Hayden got his first hair cut.  Today is the day he turned 22 months.  Just two months from turning two years old.  I just had to get all those two’s in there!  Sounded cool!  Ha! 

I was quite nervous about the haircut for a couple of reasons. 

One, I had no idea how he would act.  I didn’t know if he would throw a screaming fit, want to be held, or be an angel.  Well, guess what?  He was an angel!  :-) 

He had him a Sonic Strawberry Slush to keep him occupied!


Kristi, a girl that has been doing my hair off and on for a long time, agreed to do it for us! 


Isn’t he doing so good? We were so proud of him!


When the slush wore off, Kristi gave him some M&M’s.  He couldn’t shove them in fast enough!  His face is red in this picture because he was coughing and still putting those M&M’s in! 



All done!


I was also worried because I didn’t know how it would look.  He has so many cowlicks, swirls, and curls in different directions and had no idea how we would “style” it. I really didn’t want to cut off all his curl, but I didn’t want him to have a mullet.    I definitely think it looks so much better.  It is much easier to brush and it doesn’t stick out on the sides.  And…his curls are still there!


Kristi saved some of his curls she cut off the side and made us a little certificate.  I love it!


Hayden and Jeff went to see PaPa while I got my hair done too!  As if he didn’t have enough sugar with the Strawberry Slush and M&M’s, his PaPa gave him two suckers!  Jeff said he kept going back and for between them.  Lovely!  Thanks PaPa! :-) It must have done something good, because he came home and took a 3 hour nap!  I am pretty sure Hayden brushed his teeth a few times today too.  Thank goodness!!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Valentines Day 2011

Today, for Valentines Day, we took full advantage of the beautiful weather and spent most of our day outside.  Jeff and I cleaned up vehicles and around outside and Hayden played.  He was one happy boy!


He has just figured out how to climb up the ladder to get into the “fort” and slide down on his own with confidence and end up on his feet. 

DSC_0316 DSC_0317

He played with his wind chime that his Nana and PaPa got him for Christmas.   Hayden always loves to play with their wind chimes, so they thought he needed one of his own! 


He loves to carry sticks around and this one is a favorite of his! 

DSC_0320 DSC_0321

He put dirt in his tricycle storage area.


He pushed his tricycle.


He rode his tricycle.  He is so close to being able to pedal on his own! 





And…he rode his 4Wheeler.


He also rode the 4Wheeler with his Granddaddy (Boo on me for not taking  a picture).  We were all (Jeff, Granddaddy, Hayden, and I) were all going to ride our Ranger to work on the deer stand by our house.  Hayden insisted on riding Granddaddy’s 4Wheeler.  So, guess what?  He got to ride the 4Wheeler with his Granddaddy.  That boy is so spoiled!  Ha!  He LOVES riding the 4Wheeler with his Granddaddy and the tractor with is Granddaddy and his PaPa.  Those are definitely two of his favorite things to do! 

We did take a lunch break and went to eat yummy Mexican food at Monroy’s (a local place).  We enjoyed some beef fajitas that were oh so yummy!!  They{in our opinion} really have the best fajitas that we have ever had! 

Nanny and Granddaddy came over tonight and surprised Hayden with a “heart” balloon and a Sonic Gift Card.  I told you he was spoiled.  What other one year old do you know that gets a Sonic Gift Card for a gift?  Ha! 

Tomorrow we are getting Hayden’s hair cut for the first time.  I have so many mixed emotions about it.  At times, his hair is so curly and I love it.  Other times it is straight as a board and sticks out on the side like Bozo the Clown.  So sad.  Anyway, we just feel like it is time for a little trim.  I hope it goes ok.   I AM SO NERVOUS! 

Hope you had a great Valentines Day!  Time to go relax and watch my favorite show…The Bachelor!