Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A weekend getaway…

Our little family took advantage of  a weekend getaway last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Some of our friends were going to our new deer lease in Oklahoma on Saturday.  It is pretty close to Beaver’s Bend, so we decided to make a trip of it.   Jeff and I had not been there since the summer before we got pregnant with Hayden. We were all pretty excited to go camping and fishing!  The scenery was as beautiful as we remembered and the water was as cold as we remembered too.  Ha!  IT IS SO COLD!!

Checking out the main entrance area to the State Park. 



We must get a special coin!


Off to explore a little bit at the power plant area.  They had just released the flood gates so the water was up pretty high.




We came back the next day and it looked a lot different.


Hayden has gotten quite good at casting his fishing rod. 


We found a little dock to fish on.  Even though I look pretty calm and collected, I have to admit I was a nervous wreck thinking Hayden was going to fall in.  Thank you Kristin for letting us borrow this life jacket!!!



After working so hard trying to catch some fish and even doing some swimming, we came back to our cabin for tacos and s’mores!  Yum! 



He took his marshmallows very seriously! 




Oh yeah!



Hayden didn’t really love the S’more.  I think it was more because it was messy.  He just enjoyed everything separately. 


We couldn’t go to Beaver’s Bend and not  take a ride on the train. 


It was pretty fun.  We even saw a couple of deer.


After our train ride we were off to pack up our lunch, so we could go out on the boat we rented.

Hayden was ready to go!


We enjoyed the ride, a picnic lunch, and even a little fishing.  We weren’t brave enough to swim.  BRRRR! 


But, after our boat ride, we found a couple of places to swim and spent the rest of the afternoon doing just that!  We came back for hamburgers and more s’mores.  Then, it was early to bed for us all! 

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to our new deer lease.  We still have the one in West Texas, but decided to get on this one too with several of our friends.  It will definitely be a totally different experience.  Our West Texas lease it full of Mesquite trees, scrub brush cactus, and you can see a really long way.  In OK, our lease is full of huge pine trees and you can’t see very far at all!  See the top of that hill?  That is where our new OK lease is! 



We took a really long and rough ride on our ATV’s to look at the lease and we still didn’t see probably half of it.


Hayden hadn’t had a nap in a few days and he couldn’t take it any longer.  The rough ride put him right to sleep.

photo 2photo 1

Our friends Bo, Rhonda, and Jake.


This might be the one thing I am scared of on the new lease…


But I am pretty excited about this…


We had a great little getaway!  I am looking forward to out VACATION to the beach in the next couple of weeks!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

End of Preschool 2011-2012 (Part 2)

This morning Hayden had his Spring Preschool Program.  I was praying that Hayden wouldn’t cry and refuse to stand on stage.  But, he did great in front of the crowd. 

They “sang” four songs.  R-E-D, ABC song, Jesus Loves Me, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.   I say “sang” loosely because Ms. Jen pretty much did all the singing.  It was so funny! 



Hayden didn’t want to sit down.  Not a rule follower this time.  Ha!



Each class sang four songs and received their certificates.  Ms. Jen ended with a sweet slideshow she made with pictures from throughout the year. 



Sweet, Sweet Friends!  I am so thankful for Amy’s friendship.  I love that our boys get to grow up together! 



Lizzy and Nana were able to come too! Nana had to leave before we got her picture.


Love my boy!  I can’t believe we are already having “Preschool Programs”! 



Here are some videos of their “performance”.

Hayden, 2012 Spring Preschool Program

One of the little boys in his class discovers the baptistery and says “Fish!”.

Hayden, 2012 Spring Preschool Program