Sunday, September 28, 2008

Songram pictures of Baby Smith

Here are the two sonogram pictures we have. The first one is from our first visit at 6 weeks. Baby Smith was 5 mm. The second one was less than three weeks later and Baby Smith was 22 mm. The head is at the right + sign. The hands up top and the knees on bottom. (Atleast that is what Dr. Thurston said!) :-) He said the heart beat was about 160 bpm (we haven't heard it yet). He also said that I would probably be getting more ultrasounds than the "average bear" due to my high blood pressure. So, I will continue to post our pictures of our precious baby as they come!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exciting News To Share!

Jeff and I have some exciting news to share! After lots of prayer, the Lord has blessed us! We are expecting our first baby! I am about 9 weeks and am due on April 30, 2009.

It was so much fun to share our news with our family a few weeks ago! Jeff and I "made the rounds" in one evening. We pretended we had house plans for them to look at, but instead it was a poster with a special message to them with our first sonogram picture.

I am feeling pretty good right now. I had one really bad week with sickness that lasted ALL DAY! I wouldn't wish that on anyone! But, I feel blessed that it has subsided since then. I do have occasional nausea and get a little weak at times, but feel pretty good otherwise.

Please continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy! I will keep you updated through our blog. Our next appointment is October 20.

Much love!