Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to the doctor today!

Today was another exciting day! We went back to the doctor and we were able to hear the heartbeat for the first time. We were so excited. To our surprise, our doctor did another sonogram today just for fun! He gave us several "photos" of our precious baby, but here is one of my favorites. I turned it sideways so you could see the face better. Baby Smith is looking right at us! Kind of creepy looking, but I love it. Check out that big smile!

The heartbeat was 160 and Baby Smith measured 60 mm. It will be about 7 more weeks before we find out what we are having. We can hardly stand it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

10 weeks and growing!

Just for Auntie Jen! Here is a 10 weeks picture. Why is it that my uterus is the size of an orange , but I feel like a cow? I am sure this is something that most pregnant women go through, but I have already started to feel uncomfortable in regular jeans and some of my dress pants! I think we may have to dig out the Bella Band that Auntie Amy let us borrow!

I have felt really good lately. Of course being tired and the occasional nausea in the afternoons, other than that, I have done well. I have still wanted more salty things than sweet things...a little opposite than normal! Smells, yes...they definitely get to me! Coffee in small, contained rooms, Chinese food, and tuna, are just a few that I have experienced.
I went to Canton this morning (craziness) and I came straight home and took a nap. I love Canton! I got there right at 8:00 and about 8:30 it was already starting to get crazy! I left about 11:00 and you seriously had to turn sideways to get through the walk-ways. Maybe my hormones were raging, but I was beginning to get so frustrated with all the carts, strollers, and the motorized scooters. I am not kidding, people had scooters connected together two and three deep. IT WAS NUTS!! If you know anything about Canton, October is the month you leave the carts and baby strollers at home. And if you can walk, walk...don't get a scooter! We all need the exercise! I did go by myself so I was able to get through the pavilions fairly quickly because I usually know the places I want to go. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more baby bedding but I still have lots of time to look! I did get a couple pair of shoes, a new pendant for a necklace, and of course cinnamon-sugar roasted almonds (for Jeff) and pecans (for me and baby Smith). Can't wait to go next month with Amy! Then the next month, maybe we will know what we are having! For sure will be going with Jen in January!
Until next time...Much love!