Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dreaming of co-sleeping

I have been dreaming of co-sleeping...literally! Not because I want to try co-sleeping but because almost every night I wake myself up for fear that I have fallen asleep with Hayden in the bed or I have rolled over on him or something of that sort. The thing is, Hayden has never slept with us. I wake up and feel one of our Yorkies next to me and it scares me to death thinking it is Hayden. Weird! When I finally "come to" and realize it isn't him, it is such a relief. I always have to get up and check on him and make sure he is ok...he is always sleeping peacefully!

Jeff worked crime scene for a few years and too many times he was called out during the night to go to a home where a baby had passed away because they had been smothered in their parents' bed by pillows or their parents themselves. HORRIBLE!!!!! Anyway, Jeff and I always said that Hayden would not sleep with us. So, all this to say, I don't know why I am having these dreams or moments of panic. Jeff just attributes it to being new to motherhood and just being worried about our baby boy. What do you think? Anyone have new motherhood dreams?

**On a lighter note, as I was finishing up typing this post, I was holding Hayden. I felt this wet spot on my leg, but was thinking he was just slobbering or something. Umm, no! He had poo'd all over my shorts, my thigh, down my leg to my ankle and all over himself and his feet. How did this happen? YUCK!!!!!!!!! Been pee'd on and poo'd on today! Makes for a good day!


Amanda said...

I just had this happen to me last week! Totally normal(in my opinion!). This isn't the first time it has happened to me, but it is still just a scary every time. Wonder why this happens???

Taren said...

Yep! Just read your post and I have had the same thing happen to me. I wake poor Dustin up by tugging at his leg and calling out Camdyn's name...crazy hugh?! You are completely normal!

The Barner Bunch said...

You're normal and hilarious! I had dreams about Barrett falling out of my arms. I remember waking up and looking around on the floor for me. How crazy is that???
As for the getting pee'd and poo'd on...YEP, had that done too. Actually, one time while waiting to go into swimming lessons, he pee'd in my lap while I was holding him. Since he had on swimming shorts, no one noticed HIM...but I was the one with a wet spot in the middle of my shorts!