Saturday, September 15, 2012

County Fair Week

This has been our County Fair Week around here.  Big time you know!  We went two times as a family and then one night I snuck away myself to watch the Miss Rains County pageant.  Hayden rode one ride and wanted off pretty much the whole time.  He’s not much into adventure.  He did enjoy the atmosphere, cotton candy, checking out the show animals and watching the mutton bustin’.  If you don’t know, mutton bustin’ is for kids and you climb on a sheep and hold on for dear life while he takes off running.  Pretty funny!  There were  a lot of kids participate last night.  Great entertainment!   They even had kids dressed up as clowns to protect the riders and a sheep scramble where they had to chase the sheep down to get a tag off its neck for a prize.  Too funny! 

photo 3photo 2


After we got home, Hayden was on a roll!  He was wound up and after watching the bull riding a few weeks ago and the mutton bustin’ tonight, he was ready to ride his horse! 


Here are a few short videos I took of him last night.

Hayden taking  a short ride, then telling you about his night.

Hayden taking a short ride, then telling you about his night.

One handed riding.

Riding his horse “butter bob” makes him tired!

Then, today Hayden and I went to the parade.  Because, that is what you do the Saturday of fair week.  Well, we started at Good Samaritans.  Found a book on Turkeys and a little toy motorcycle.  Hayden wasn’t really in the mood to look around much.  Then, we headed into town for a fine sit-down breakfast at the donut shop.  Then, off to claim our spot on the square for the parade.  Of course, we had to bring a special caddy for all our parade candy! 


Cousin love!


The parade is a pretty big deal.  It’s all about…




Beauty Queens…




And collecting candy!


They were also having  a car show.  We didn’t stick around for that.  We had a little shopping to do in Rockwall instead. 



Tonight, we decided to go support our church softball team.  Of course, Hayden needed to bring his glove and ball too. 

DSC_0026DSC_0023 close, but not quite a catch!   We will keep practicing! 



Jennifer said...

We could have had our pick of cars/trucks for pictures on Saturday. So many cool ones! I miss the RCF! So much fun and junk to eat :)

Hayden looks too big! Tell him to quit growing!

Kristin said...

Looks like fun!
P.S. love the little caddy with the baseball and his name on it!! :)