Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our week

Sunday…Just a normal Sunday for us.  Church, lunch, nap, dinner, play, bed.  :-)  Of course, Hayden always loves being with his family on Sundays.  He is not spoiled at all and gets no attention while he is there! 

Don’t let this face fool you.  He just didn’t want his picture taken.  And, every picture I got of Grayson had his eyes closed.  

photo 3

On Monday, Hayden and I made a run to Wal-Mart.  We have had this fishbowl that one of Mom’s flower arrangements came in from her funeral.  I have wanted to get Hayden a fish since then to go in it, so that is what we did!   He loves taking care of it and of course wants to feed it all the time.  But, actually he wants it “out of there”.  He wants to play with it so bad!


On Monday nights, we have started attending a bible study with a few couples from our church.  Jeff misses church on Sundays due to work so it is nice to be able to go together.  It was our night to bring dinner.  Pioneer Woman chicken spaghetti was on the menu.  YUM!  Of course, we have to carry all our goodies Thirty-One style!  :-)

photo 1

The clouds on Monday were so crazy and beautiful at the same time.  It looked like it could just come a flood all day, but never did. 

photo 2

On Tuesday (and Thursday), we had school.  I am loving my new job.  It is a great way to get my “fix” being back in the education world yet is only two days a week and allows me to still be a stay at home mommy too! 

On Wednesday, we went to Tyler to see Grayson after his surgery.  This was his final surgery (total of three) after his wreck.  Hopefully he will be able to heal and be back to normal soon! 

On Friday, we made a trip to Bass Pro Shops.  We kind of like that place!  It was my turn to load up on some new Camo gear.  We have been practicing with our bow’s every night.  Two more weeks until the season begins! 


On Saturday, Hayden and I headed to Parker’s birthday party!  Before the party, we made a pit stop at In-and-Out Burger.  There is so much hype and I guess I needed to see what it is was all about.  I have to admit, I was not impressed at all.  I mean, it was fine.  Not fabulous.  Maybe just the simplicity of the menu makes it cool?  Not sure!  :-)

photo 4

Then it was party time!  Parker’s party was a “gymnastics” party.  It was so much fun! 



But, Hayden would not leave my side.  He would not go out and participate with the rest of the kids unless I was right there with him.  He’s a mess!


The sweet birthday girl!  She had the best time and was all smiles!


Saturday night around 11:00 I hear our sweet boy throwing up in his bed.  He was still half asleep and was just a mess along with everything around him.  It was bath, change bedding, and back to bed.  He was shaking and just a pitiful sight.  About midnight, he called me in there and we made it to the bathroom that time.  I finally got him to eat some crackers and drink a little juice.  He slept until about 6:00 AM then came and got in bed with me.  We slept until about 8:30 AM and he has felt great since then.  I don’t know what it was, but I am hoping it was just a fluke and not a virus.  We stayed home all day and  just had a day of rest.  I have to admit, it was so nice to just be home all day and snuggle with my boy! 

photo 5


Kristin said...

Poor Hayden!! I hate that he was sick!! And I have had In n Out burger one time.. not even the one by our house.. but I agree.. nothing too special.. I would rather have whataburger!!

Marla said...

Bless his heart! So sorry that he was sick but glad that it was short-lived!!

Thanks again for coming out to the party! You got some good pictures! I haven't even looked at mine yet-but I think they are blurry!!

The Barner Bunch said...

I'm NOT a fan of In/Out Burger either! Ughhh Gross!!!!