Monday, September 10, 2012

A quick weekend trip.

Jeff had a workday at our Oklahoma Deer Lease with everyone else who was on it this past Saturday.  So, we decided to load up our travel trailer and make the best of it.  We headed to Beavers Bend on Thursday night after we got done with school.  Our lease is about 40 miles north of Beavers Bend so that makes it pretty convenient. 


When we got up Friday morning we headed to the local restaurant/store to get some coffee.  We had everything to make coffee but no coffee pot.    Hmm, kind of important.  Must have left it at home.  Anyway, the store never opened so we had to improvise.  Jeff heated up water and put coffee inside a paper towel and dipped it the hot water until we had coffee!  Pretty clever huh?  And it tasted good!

Anyway, while we were waiting on the store to open (we thought), we did some exploring!  Hayden was decked out in his pj’s and cowboy boots!  



I think Beaver’s Bend is so beautiful!



The water is so smooth!  I always love reflection shots! 



This little guy was hanging out by our trailer. 


They were having a woodworking competition there at Beaver’s bend while we were there.  Lots of guys doing things with their lathes.  Jeff was so excited that they happened to be there.  Good guy fun!  Ha!  I didn’t get a picture though.  Although, they had an exhibit with some things some people had made.  Pretty cool!


Friday afternoon we loaded up and headed to Honobia where our lease is.  Lucky for us there is a RV camp inside the tiniest little “town”.  Really, there is nothing there other than this camp, little store, and mechanic shop which the same person owns. 

Campsite #2 for the weekend.


Our lease is way up there!


Hayden found a couple of friends.  One of which he named Saydie and he talked to her on the phone a lot the rest of the weekend after she went back home. 



We don’t go many places without the ole’ John Deere.  Hayden is kind of partial to it.  Even though it looks like it has been beat up, it still runs like a Deere.  :-)



He loved riding through the “forest”.



Saturday was a work day at the lease.  Basically everyone was there to help each other.  They cleared out  spots for travel trailers, fixed feeders/stands, etc.  The weather could not have been more perfect!


Pictures around camp.


Jeff got our spot cleared out for our trailer and that afternoon we moved it up the big hill into our spot.  That was an experience…but Jeff did great!



All that hard work called for a little picnic lunch.

100_0068 100_0069

So, we say that we are on this deer lease.  But, Dad suggested we call it a “bear lease” because this is all we pretty much have on our trail camera by Jeff’s blind.


So, Jeff is going to buy a “bear tag” in hopes of getting this guy with his bow.  I’ll be hanging out at camp.  This scares me to death!   A few of the guys feeders were destroyed by bears.  Luckily Jeff’s made the cut and was still standing!  We are hoping that the bears will hibernate and go away soon so the deer will start coming in. 

We came home late Saturday night. We weren’t ready to leave but Jeff had to work and I had to teach Sunday School Sunday morning.  But, we had a fun weekend outdoors! 


Kelly said...

Oh My Stars! That bear is beautiful, but I would be scared out of my mind! Wow! What great pictures. Hope you don't have any in person encounters. Watch out for Hayden, scary!

Pam said...'d NEVER get me near that lease after seeing the bear picture. I am like you....I'd be "at in AT HOME!".

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, bears!! However the place is absolutely beautiful!!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh... really? Bears?? Is that safe?? LOL I wouldn't want to walk around, do they attack!! That is scary!! And those are good pictures that yall got!!!! Amazing!

Jennifer said...

Bears are NOT COOL friend! Big girl panties or not-you can't walk alone in the dark at this lease.

The tractor is killing me! What else has he run into {besides Hud? :)} You have definitely gotten your money's worth!

Marla said...

I just cannot get over those bears! ;)

The Barner Bunch said...

I love all the pictures! Aren't little boys FUN? Looks like a gorgeous and thrilling weekend outdoors!!!!