Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mom Update 12-24-09

Christmas Eve Gift!

Anyone else use this as a greeting when you see someone in your family on Christmas Eve? This has been a tradition in my family since I can remember and probably even before I was around. When I was little, I remember always waiting for my Grandparents to get to our house so I could say "Christmas Eve Gift" to my Granddaddy. Whoever said it first was "supposed" to get an extra gift from that person. Well, I typically got an extra gift. Usually a wrapped can of spinach, green beans, or something. Just a fun thing we have always done!

So, we got a Christmas Eve Eve Gift! Mom got to come home yesterday. YEA!!!!

The nurse from Home Health came yesterday to show us how to use the IV and to get her set up for their services. She has two different IV antibiotics to take each day. One that is a 1 hour drip and one that is a 24 hour drip. So, she will be "hooked up" to an IV all day every day. Poor thing! She has a little back pack that it fits in to take with her wherever she goes. But, we are soooo happy to have her home! The Home Health Nurse will come every day to change out the 24 antibiotic. Dad or I will change out the other 1 hour antibiotic.

She is still taking quite a bit of Lasix to try and reduce her fluid retention. She had gained 10 lbs in two days in the hospital. So, she ended up having to stay an extra day.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

Merry Christmas!


Kristin said...

That is great that she got to come home!! Will continue to pray for your family!

Merry Christmas!!

Jamie said...

Megan, your mom continues to be in my prayers. It sounds like you are close and I bet it's really hard to see her go through all of that!

Mabe Babe Blog said...

I'm so glad she could come home for Christmas! I hope you guys are having a BLAST with Hayden's first Christmas. We sure are here! Merry Christmas! Love you, Kelly