Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mom Update 12-22-09

Mom has been in the hospital for almost a week now. Although she really had all the signs, they went back and forth on whether she actually had pneumonia or not. They said that what they were seeing on the x-ray could be scar tissue from when they did the surgery a few months ago to get a biopsy and remove the fluid around her lungs. But, they did know she had a serious infection. They have since figured out that she did have a staph infection.

A surgeon came in and removed her dialysis port and they sent it off to be tested for staph. Although the site didn’t look bad, sure enough, it came back positive. They have and continue to treat her with powerful IV antibiotics and her white blood count is coming down.

They went back and forth on really what to do for the fluid because of her kidney functions. They were afraid that what they would give her would raise her creatitine levels again, but decided that they had to do something. The fluid retention was getting BAD! You could just see the fluid sticking out her back and her legs and feet were just about to pop. I know that sounds yucky, but it was bad! They finally decided to give her Lasix (which she normally takes as a pill but doesn’t work quite as good) through IV to get some of the fluid off. Other than her having to get up and down repeatedly and slightly raising her creatitine levels, it has worked fairly well.

The doctors have talked about her possibly coming home today or tomorrow. I know she is ready and we definitely want her home before Christmas! My grandfather (my mom’s dad), who lives in Vegas, is flying in today as well. Last time Granddaddy was here, Mom had to go into the hospital as well. Not sure if you remember, but my grandmother (mom’s mom) passed away in March. So this will be our first Christsmas without her.

While this has all be going on lately, Mom and Dad have had construction going on at their house. They had their house repainted on this inside and new tile, countertops, and carpet. So, they have had to worry about all that while Mom has had numerous doctor appointments, been so sick, and been in the hospital too. Mom’s best friend Cindy (Jen’s mom) and I have been working to get things somewhat back into place and put some of her new things out. She had previously bought new bedding, bathroom d├ęcor, etc. The good thing, they will get to come home to a clean and like new house!

For now, when she comes home, they are talking about a home health nurse coming in to clean her “wound” where the dialysis port came out and continue to administer antibiotics for 2-4 weeks. After that is complete, they want to set up the surgery to have the heart valve replacement surgery. BLESS HER HEART! I just feel so bad for her! If it isn’t one thing, it is another! That surgery scares me because it is so major, especially for her. She is such an amazingly strong woman and I know God will take care of her!

Please continue to pray for Mom…for her health, for her emotional strength, for her physical strength, for her doctors, and for her family.

I know she would want me to wish all her friends and family a Merry Christmas! She loves you all!

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Anonymous said...

just thinking about your family today! glad to get an update.
hope you have a blessed and merry christmas with your family.