Saturday, July 6, 2013

Experiencing the Tuscan Slice...

Today Hayden and I tried out a new place for lunch as a special treat!  And a treat it was!  The Tuscan Slice in Greenville is definitely a place we will return to!  As we walked in, we were greeted by scripture on the wall, a great wait staff, and some delicious thin buttery garlic crispy bread. 

 Hayden decided he would make his own lunch.  

After he made his pizza, he took it over the the brick oven to bake.  It only took about 3 minutes or so.  He got some more dough to play with while it was cooking.

All done!  

It took me forever to decide what I wanted.  With yummy bread and pizza already on the table, I went with crab cake salad.  Totally out of my comfort zone but oh so amazing!  The salad actually had a spicy chipotle ranch dressing but the crab cakes had a cream sauce on them.  

Hayden's grand finale was yummy ice cream!  

It obviously was super kid friendly and had awesome food!  Can't wait to go back!  

PS...they are not paying me to write this and have no idea who I am.  Lol!  We loved it so much, I had to share!


Marla said...

That looks like such a neat little place! We will have to visit there soon!

Kristin said...

Looks like that is a fun place to go!! We should have a play date there!! :)